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The Environment Sustainability Nexus (ESN) provides advisory services from planning to implementation andbeyond to ensure environmental concerns and sustainability are mainstreamed throughout the life cycle of your project, programme and organization. ESN excels in the fieldsof impact assessments, policy and legal analysis, utilizing our expertise to discern the potential effects of emerging policies, legislation and programmes on individuals and the environment.

We advise on sustainable investments and finance to help ensure that clients’ investments contribute to people and nature. This could be through assessment of community-based projects to build sustainable nature-based livelihoods, monitoring forests for illegal activities or building communities’ climate resilience, to larger interventions in waste recycling, circular economy, and landscape restoration. 

Where information is not available, ESN carries out research to ensure evidence-based analysis and decision-making. This includes baseline assessments, environmental and social impact assessments, stakeholder identification and mapping, risk analysis and more. 

In everything we do, we put nature and people first to ensure environmental sustainability is central to our clients’ decision making and actions. 

Environmental Assessments
  • – Environmental impact analysis
  • – Social safeguards & compliance
  • – Resource Management, Monitoring, Protection and Utilisation
  • – Baseline assessments 
  • – Business and Human Rights as well as shared prosperity 
Planning & development
  • – Environmental Systems
  • – Green business modelling
  • – Biodiversity Action and Management Plans
  • – Investment and conservation finance
  • – Natural Resource Governance and Collaborative Approaches
  • – Circular Economy in Forestry, Mining, Energy and Waste Management
  • – Nature-based Solutions Development Outcomes
  • – Degraded Mine Site Rehabilitation and Reclamation
  • – Environmental sustainability policy influencing research.
  • – Specialist studies
  • – Blue Economy Governance  and Resource Sustainability and Utilisation System Research and Analysis
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